The Time I Went To The Airport With No Ticket

I arrived by bus around noon, walked up to the airport counter, and said, “I’d like to get on the next Jetstar flight to Singapore. I saw online that there’s one at 2:30, but it’s too late to buy it on their website. Where can I buy my ticket?”

The response I received was a wall of blank stares by all three of the information desk customer service team members. A few moments later, one of them said, “You don’t have a ticket?”

“No” I replied, “I want to buy one now.”

It turns out, Jetstar does not sell their tickets at the Phuket International Airport in Thailand. I had to buy one online, and it wasn’t the 2:3o flight. Unfortunately, I was going to have to wait for six hours for the following flight in an airport consisting of one small gift shop, a Dunkin’ Donuts (which I was excited to see because it had been nearly a year since I’d been to one), and a Subway sandwich shop. I read a lot, sat on a few different benches, and ate a sandwich.

So, how did this happen?

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Travel Mishaps: Flights & Timezones

Travel mistakes happen. One is booking a flight for the wrong day, like my friend did when he showed up at the airport to fly out of New Zealand in May and realized that he accidentally booked his ticket for August. Or like my mistake, when I made plans with multiple people on different occasions and told them the wrong dates of my arrival.

This most recent travel mishap is one that I messed up not once, not twice, but three stupid times.

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