Country Living

I’ve lived in Napa Valley, California for six months now. I moved here to learn more about wine and get my feet wet in the US wine industry. I work for one of THE best wineries, and I’m so grateful for that. While I’m living here, I’m planning to see a lot more of California, and hopefully get to Oregon, Washington, and maybe Vancouver in the next few months. Continue reading

The End Of An Era

You know that feeling you get when you’re on your last day of vacation?

You’re trying to soak up the sun one last time, but you feel restless on the beach because in just a few hours, you’re going to have to head home.

You start thinking of the upcoming week and all the things you have to do back in “reality,” and you have a bit of a bittersweet feeling. You might let out a sigh and think “Ah, well, this has been wonderful, but it’s time to head home.”

That feeling describes how I felt when I got back to Melbourne this time around. Continue reading