Why Long-Term Travel Ruins You For Life

I have a friend that I met in Thailand. He’s from Germany. Thailand was his first solo trip abroad.

Before he left home, he planned to go on the three week trip, return to Germany, and start working toward a Master’s Degree in his field.

When he got to Thailand, he made really close friends. These people had been traveling for months or years, and they were going to continue traveling. His eyes were opened to a whole new way of life. Continue reading

2015: One Crazy Year

My year started off in Philadelphia as I rang in the new year at a ballroom New Year’s Eve party. I was still living in my beloved apartment and I had a big birthday bash with my sister for my 25th and her 30th. Although I was having fun, something wasn’t right. I went to Puerto Rico with one of my best friends and that trip was the turning point that made me realize that I needed more life in my life.

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Why Do We Travel?

I went to see the movie Everest recently, and at one point in the movie, the climbers were asking each other, “WHY?” as in, why do they do it?

In the early ’90s, these people were paying $65,000 to have someone lead them up the mountain, not knowing if they would even make it through the trip alive. Especially then, people could buy a whole lot with that much money, so, why did they do it? Why did they spend all that money on one single experience? Continue reading