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I’ve lived in Napa Valley, California for six months now. I moved here to learn more about wine and get my feet wet in the US wine industry. I work for one of THE best wineries, and I’m so grateful for that. While I’m living here, I’m planning to see a lot more of California, and hopefully get to Oregon, Washington, and maybe Vancouver in the next few months.

I completely understand why people say that the west coast is the best coast. The dramatic coastline, generally beautiful weather, unlimited outdoor activities, and various towns and cities makes this area of the country reeeeeally interesting with infinite possibilities. The east coast just doesn’t look like this one!

Seeing more of the US in the past year, including Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and more of California, has helped me appreciate the beauty of my own country. I was so impressed with all the places I traveled to last year (as I should have been!) but never realized how much beauty was in my own backyard, in other states throughout the US. It’s been a lot of fun exploring other places here that I never realized were just as picturesque as some of the places I traveled very far to see.

Living in Napa Valley, though, is slow for my pace. It’s an amazing place to visit, but living here feels like it would be perfect for retirees, not twenty-somethings.

There’s no shortage of top quality food made by some of the best chefs in the world, incredible wine, and beautiful views. There are some cool hiking trails nearby, and you’ll never be able to go to every winery – there are over 400!

While all of that has kept me entertained for the most part, I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting away my twenties by living outside of a city as a single, adventurous 27 year old.

I miss the city – any city! I miss the excitement of it all: the lights, the cars, the people, all buzzing by –  it’s what makes me feel alive! As soon as I reach San Francisco, I feel more at home. I’m more comfortable amidst all the activity than I am out here in the boonies. I went to college in a small town, but somehow that didn’t seem to matter. College was different, but this is my life, and when I’m not at work I want to be doing more. The shows, art galleries, museum nights, classes, varieties of gym memberships, multitude of shops, bars, clubs, dining establishments, and SO much more… it’s what I’ve come to know as my way of life, and living in the country is sleepy in comparison.

Living somewhere new and different is always a challenge in some way, and I enjoy trying new things, but I still have this luring question that’s been on my mind for years now:

The question is, where do I belong?

Should I try living in one of the cities by the beach further south, or should I go back to my home city to be closer to family? Can I move to another country? Where else might I go in this one storybook of life?

I’m not ready to make any decisions right now, and I’m really enjoying my job, so I’m going to stay here, continue exploring, and be open to whatever is meant to happen next. I’ve been very lucky in this life so far, so I have no doubt that everything will pan out more than just fine. Until then, cheers to the wine life and weekend exploration!

“Trust the wait.

Embrace the uncertainty.

Enjoy the beauty of becoming.

When nothing is certain, anything is possible” -Mandy Hale

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