Where Is Rach?

I haven’t posted anything for awhile, so I wanted to explain what I’m up to:

I’m still in Australia. I’m right here in Melbourne.

I even have an apartment, finally! After nearly eight months of nomadism to the highest degree, I finally have my own room in a “flat!”

I’ve stayed in many hostels, on friends’ couches, in spare bedrooms, in hotels, I’ve camped, and whatever else, for the good part of 2015, but now I’ve got a sublet! This is a big deal considering how much bouncing around I’ve been doing, but I’m not getting too settled in. I have big travel plans coming up!

I made the travel plans before I knew what would happen in Melbourne. I made the plans before I had any idea that I would be consumed by something really exciting. This new venture is why Rach Escapes has been lacking in new content.

Here’s what I’m doing:

I’m currently working on Vinotourz, a new company based in Melbourne. You may have seen something about it on my Facebook page, and I want to explain what it is.

Vinotourz is a website that will sell wine tours worldwide. We haven’t launched our website yet. Currently, we have a webpage which offers up to $20 off of your first wine tour. (I would appreciate it if you visited the current site to grab your wine tour voucher!) Until then, I am researching wine tours from around the world that we can offer to you. I am also starting a blog specific to wine and travel which will accompany the site.

As I wrote in my post for The Travelled World, “Why I’m Afraid To Go Home,” I am trying to find a way “to create work for myself that gives me more freedom so  that I don’t need to fall back into a routine that makes me unhappy.” Vinotourz is an opportunity that fell into place in a really random and lucky kind of way, and I could really use the support to help make this dream come true!

I’ll have the chance, with this business, to travel to the top wine regions around the world. I will be able to write about and educate people on wine and travel. I’ll get to work for something that I helped create. I will be able to combine travel, wine, business, writing, and education all in one. It is my dream come true, so please help me spread the word about this new business by liking the Facebook page, following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and sharing the site!

Thank you <3